About Us

Pelzer's Pretzels was founded in 2012 by a Brooklyn-transplanted Philadelphia native attorney and his wife, a beauty marketer and avid home cook. Our handmade soft pretzels are a tribute to the Philadelphia style.

After a decade in New York City, our Pretzel Lover in Chief desperately missed Philadelphia soft pretzels. He couldn’t shut up about how New York street vendor pretzels just didn’t cut the mustard. Fortunately, his wife (Dough Maker in Chief) was developing her baking skills during his constant kvetching. Ultimately, a business was born.

On New Year’s Eve 2011, the determined duo baked their first batch of pretzels. For months they experimented, tweaked the ingredients and fussed over the proportions until perfecting the Pelzer’s Pretzels recipe. As it’s turned out, there’s a healthy appetite in New York for one of the great foods from the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection). At market for the first time in April 2012, Pelzer’s Pretzels sold out.

As the source for artisanal Philadelphia style soft pretzels in New York City, Pelzer’s Pretzels is committed to making wholesome and delicious pretzels from the best available ingredients, providing fair wages and promoting worker dignity, and investing long-term in our local Brooklyn community.